Staying at Captains Rest - Strahan, Tasmania

The West Coast of Tasmania has always been a place that has appealed to me. The fact that you can be on beautiful beaches that stretch for as far as the eye can see and then a few hours drive later you can be in the middle of a mountain range with towering peaks on either side of the road you are driving on is crazy. After a number of weeks of working my friend Bailey and I decided it was time to get away. We also had the opportunity to go and stay at the iconic Captains Rest accommodation in Strahan so we planned a trip that would last 4 days in total and we would cram in as much exploration of the area as possible.

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The first day consisted mostly of driving and due to us both being based in North West Tasmania we drove via Tullah, Rosebery, Zeehan and then ended up in Strahan. It is a beautiful drive especially when you get to Tullah as mountains rise up and surround you while peaceful rivers and lakes are also a frequent thing to see. We arrived in Strahan to an incredible sunset over Lettes Bay where Captains Rest is. Both Bailey and I were blown away by the accomodation, the simplistic build combined with the beautiful interior design were unlike anything we had every stayed in before. I will link Captains Rest below this blog so any of you who are interested can go and stay there if you are in the area, I highly recommend it!

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Day 2 was the day to explore. We started the day off early and made tracks for Queenstown which dates back to 1862 and the area is famous for its mining history as gold was once discovered there! Driving up through the twisting mountain roads was incredible and is an awesome experience. Our first stop was Nelson Falls which is only a 30 minute drive from Queenstown. I think this is easily one of my favourite waterfalls in Tasmania and not just because it’s a short walk! The whole area is a lush wet forest and has a well maintained, easy to walk track that leads right up to the falls. Bailey and I spent a lot of time here and to really take the whole area in.

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The next stop was a suspension bridge that reaches over the Franklin River and is also the start of Frenchmans Cap hiking track. It is a dream of mine to walk this track and summit the mountain but I will save that for another time and the bridge was still epic to photograph regardless! If you have never heard of Frenchmans Cap look up some images on Google the photos will leave you speechless. The final stop of the day was Pumphouse Point on Lake St Clair where we caught some afternoon light to see the day come to an end. Shoutout to Bailey to getting us home safe on the wet, West Coast winding roads in the dark with the odd possum jumping out at us!

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The third day consisted mostly of us editing and getting back ups sorted from the previous day but we headed out for sunset to Ocean Beach. A short drive from Strahan and an epic location well worth exploring, especially in a 4x4 as there is plenty of beach access! The sunset turned golden for us and we were also able to see the new Pieman River cruise boat head out of Hells Gates. Bailey and I ended up flying our drones here for hours as there was so many perspectives to shoot of the surrounding area but I also snagged a few shots on my main camera.

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On our final day we felt as if we didn’t want to leave but made the most of the trip home by stopping in at Philosopher Falls which is about a 15 min drive from the town of Waratah. Another incredible short walk (about 45 minutes return) which leads to a large viewing platform that overlooks the falls. This place also nearly claimed the life of my drone but it still lives to fly another day and shoot some more aerial bangers. That was our West Coast trip I hope you enjoyed reading this recap and see both Bailey and I’s Instagram for more images! P.S Bailey will be releasing a vlog from our trip very soon so keep an eye out on his youtube to see it!

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